What a company can do with virtual assistants?

Virtual assistants are also called chatbots or voicebots, are a common technology today that enables companies to interact with users, Customers and team in an efficient way by having conversations to solve needs.

There is a lot of flavors for virtual assistants, from simple solutions that drive the conversation with limited alternatives and intuitive interaction with buttons, to more dynamic solutions that use natural language processing, computer vision and more, with the ability to solve complex interactions and drive the conversation with different dialogs and solutions.

Virtual assistants sometimes use artificial intelligence in the backend to solve complex problems and automate the operation with the business, enabling the user to get solutions when they need it, no matter if your company is open or not.

Some of the applications of virtual assistants are:

Prospecting and lead qualification

Talk with your future Clients in real time and qualify them faster

Customer service and Support

Respond and solve Users needs and issues in real time

Sales and negotiation

Close deals and increase sales by talking with leads in real time

Scheduling and agenda management

Meetings, agenda and resource planning are simple in a conversational experience

Knowledge base automation

Deliver the business knowledge to Users in a conversational experience

Any interaction that need a conversation and more

Talk with User, learn from them and improve

Why Choose Us?

Is not only integrates a virtual assistant, is about transform processes to be interactive by chatting with the users, enabling the user to get solutions when they need it. We help your company to transform the operation into an automated conversation, releasing your team to create and extend the business value and focus on really matters.

Process Digitalization
Convert process to a conversation
Multiple Channels
Talk with users in all the channels that the business need
Business Integration

Integrate with the business operation and process in real time

Artificial Intelligence

Conversational experiences that learn from users

Our skills in benefit of your business

Algorithms Developing
Business Analytics - Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Deep Learning
Digital Transformation
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