How your business benefit from Computer Vision?

Computer vision is the technology that understands the context of an image, video or document, is about interpret the visual information for the business benefits and with this information automate decisions and actions to improve the operation.

There are a lot of applications to use computer vision today, but most important, we can integrate this technology with more artificial intelligence solutions to transform a business process into business algorithm, automating interactions from unstructured data sources to convert it into business knowledge and data.

Some of the business applications for computer vision are:

Document processing and categorization

Extract the context from and document and execute actions in real time from the understanding of it

Users behavior

Get insights in real time from the users and their behavior in-situ

Face identification and emotions

Understand people behavior and emotions to create better experiences

Work Safety

Create a safety workspace in real time by processing your operation in real time

Why use Computer Vision?

Analyze videos, images or documents takes a lot of human time and could generates mistakes in the process, with computer vision we can automate the data and knowledge extraction from this unstructured data sources and integrate it in the business process making it autonomous.

Computer vision is the next level of business operation and could be used in all the scenarios that needs to collect data and information from images, videos and documents.

Market Data

We have a BigData market information to empower the predictions and understand your business

Pre-Trained Algorithms

We reduce the time to launch the project by using our pre-trained algorithms

Interdisciplinary Team

Our team have multiple and different roles, experience and knowledge. It creates betters algorithms and business understanding

Multiplatform Solutions

We adapt to your business technology ecosystem, it could be on-premise or cloud

Our skills in benefit of your business

Algorithms Developing
Business Analytics - Data Analytics
Artificial Intelligence - Machine Learning - Deep Learning
Digital Transformation
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