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We help companies to transform the business model by using artificial intelligence, changing to be a a data-driven company. Together we can create new competitive skills and take your business to the next level, the autonomous data-driven company.

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Artificial intelligence,
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We started Bernier Group in 2013, with the main focus of empower our Customers by using artificial intelligence to be more efficient and competitive.

In the last year, we did learn that artificial intelligence is not about technology; is a business model talk driven by strategy and empowered by data.

Actually, we focus in be the principal transformation driver for our Customers, helping them to take the business to the next level, the autonomous by using data with artificial intelligence.

Bernier Group
Jean Phillip Bernier
CEO, Co-Founder
Bernier Group Artificial Intelligence|

Why we’re different

We created our business transcend model, a framework for companies to embrace artificial intelligence with a profitable perspective.


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Our skills in benefit of your business

Algorithms Developing

Algorithms are the new tool that companies have to empower business operation, is about transforming processes into interactive experiences with the users, autonomous decisions and actions to take the operation to the next level.

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Algorithms Developing

Business Analytics

Data is the new petroleum, is a business resource that almost all the companies have, the real question is what are doing your company to convert data in a valuable resource for the company, empower the operation using data and take the business to the next level of intelligence, the autonomous operation.

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Business Analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not a technology talk for the business, is a strategy and sustainable value creation for the business. With artificial intelligence companies can create an autonomous operation, automatizing decisions, and actions to create a more efficient and autonomous Customer and User experience.

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Artificial Intelligence

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is about to transform the business operation and mindset in a Customer-centric operation by using data and creating revenue from digital activities and solutions. Digital transformation is not only about technology but enables the business to achieve more in a sustainable way using disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence.

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Digital Transformation

Our work process

A simple process designed to empower your business with artificial intelligence. The goal is take the business to the next level, an autonomous data-driven company

Understand the Business Model Opportunity - AI Canvas by Bernier Group
Data Context. Identify and take advantage of data. Create a data strategy
Create a MVP solution. Modeling, Coding, Testing, Validating, and Improving
Integrate into business. Develop a stronger value proposition. Improve and mature the artificial intelligence

How we help business models

We redesign the inventory management process by understanding the products consume behavior of the Customers, anticipating to the request and delivery between 7 to 10 days. About inventory, now we can get insights to purchase smart with more than 90 days, better deals and agreements. The consequence is information about sales forecast.
Emilia Clarke
Inventory Management
Chemical Distribuitor
We empower Hotels to identify the guest behavior, creating a Client Lifetime Value score and predicting the next reservation date (next purchase). Also information about the guest churn. When the Guest arrives to Hotel, we generates data to increase and customize the Customer experience inside Hotel, spa, restaurant, and more focused on bring comfort.
Emilia Clarke
Next Purchase
Hotels and Tourism
We transform the talent recruitment process into an autonomous and interactive process. Candidates can start the process interacting with a chatbot, the system analyze the curriculum vitae, pitch video and interview, generating a score to validate the TOP candidates that should continue the process in personal way. Analyzing more than 500 candidates per day.
Emilia Clarke
Talent Recruitment
Human Resources Area
Understanding the Customer reaction to the store, products and distribution is an important insight to improve the experience for users. We use the security cameras to check recurrent users, their emotions and behavior to adapt the store for a better experience. Integrate data from all cameras gives an interesting insights about routes, time wait in the payment line and more to improve.
Face and Emotion Recognition

Startup Program

We are looking for new disruptive business models. We can empower the process by supporting the technology and artificial intelligence development. Contact us to apply to the Startup Program.


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